Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Ways to protect yourself and others

What’s the virus? :

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has not ever spread to humans before.

The death toll from the virus worldwide is about 1.5 million. The number of identities worldwide is more than six crores.

The name of the virus is 2019 — NCOV or Postal Nanavirus. It is a rabies virus. No figure, but some of the six species in it will be infected. However, the new grey virus should not be named now seven.

Since 2002, a survey in the epidemiological section (your name is CV Acute Respiratory Syndrome) has linked the virus to the rare death toll of 4,097 people in 4 years.

That, too, was a kind of coronavirus.

Various names initially called the new disease: ‘China virus’, ‘Coronavirus’, ‘2019 Encav’, ‘New virus’, ‘Mystery virus’ etc.

In the second week of February 2020, the World Health Organization officially named the disease Covid 19.

What are the Signs of This Disease:

along with respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, and respiratory difficulties are the main symptoms.

It strikes the lungs.

Symptoms usually start with a dry cough and fever, followed by respiratory problems.

It typically requires an average of five times for the symptoms to manifest.

The World Health Organization says that the incubation period of the virus continues around 14 days. However, according to some investigators, it may last up to 24 days.

If people show symptoms of the virus, even more people are more inclined to be infected. However, the idea is that people may infect healthy people even if they aren’t sick.

Since early signs are similar to those of the common cold and flu, it customary to be hesitant to diagnose the disease. Outbreaks of coronavirus are thought by many to be related to the SARS virus.

Led to the deaths of 64 Individuals in several Asian nations in the early 2000s.

Evaluation of the genetic code of this new virus has indicated that it is very similar to the SARS virus.

“If we visit that a new coronavirus, we want to know how severethe Symptoms are. The virus is a lot similar to the flu but not as lethal as the SARS virus,” stated Mark Ulhausa, professors at the UniversityEdinburgh University.

Where did the coronavirus come from? :

In many instances, new viruses come from an animal and start to settle in the human body.

The World Health Organization’s notion is that the source of the latest virus is an animal.

So far as is known, the episode happened in a market where marine fish is sold wholesale in the town of Wuhan, China.

The coronavirus virus exists in the family, but the six viruses that were previously known are now new to humans.

How terrible is this virus? :

As with other respiratory disorders, the virus can cause moderate symptoms, including allergies, coughs, sore throats, and fevers. Infection with this virus could be deadly to some people. In addition, it can lead to pneumonia, shortness of breath, along organ failure. Older and previously ill Men and Women are at greater risk of contracting the virus.

What changes can the virus make ?:

The Virus Has Been transmitted from 1 animal to the body and out of 1 Individual to another, is constantly changing its genetic makeup — called mutations.

Studies have shown that the virus has mutated itself hundreds of times so far.

Many fear that the virus has become more dangerous through these mutations.

A new variant of the virus, which was found in the UK last December, was re-imposed at the highest level in the country.

But the nature of the virus and how who can prevent it is still unknown

Scientists are trying to find out in detail.

News of various deadly viruses like SAS or Ebola Sometimes comes through the Information.

This coronavirus is the hottest inside.

Researchers say the virus might already be mutating inside the body, changing its structure and multiplying, making it even more hazardous.

The virus destroys the human lungs and is transmitted from one person to another via the

respiratory tract. The virus spreads through sneezing and coughing, including the common flu or cold.

What is quarantine, why, how is it done?

What can be prevented after the mask?:

A tremendous symbolic image for any news as the virus spreads on the surface of an individual wearing a mask.

In most nations around the Earth, utilizing masks can also be a popular way to prevent ailments.

How can the virus be prevented?

In less than a year, several companies around the world have discovered a vaccine for coronavirus. Some have even received final approval at the end of the test.

The virus distribution program has started somewhere in Britain, America, Russia and elsewhere.

Even the Seram Institute, an Indian manufacturer, has its Oxford AstraZeneca is preparing the invented vaccine. After reaching an agreement with them, Bangladesh also expects to receive at least 5 million units of the vaccine by February.

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